What is Aura?

Aura provides museum visiting experience at its finest.

With Aura, you can explore leading museums and galleries, design your own journey, and listen to professionally produced audio stories of artworks and exhibits.

Themed Routes
You can personalise your way through the museums with cover with our themed routes. Whether you are short on time, or you are interested in a specific theme, our themed routes will help find the must-see exhibits in your favourite museums.

Audio Stories With Offline Playback
We are partnering with high-profile museum curators, academics and skilled storytellers with distinct areas of expertise to create short and detailed audio stories of the must-see highlights of the museums. As Aura allows you to download audio content, you don't need an internet connection to listen during your visit.

Interactive Floor Plans
Through our innovative technology, we provide interactive floor plans of the museums so you can enjoy your visit with time-efficiency, practicality, and ease. Simply search for a destination point and our indoor navigation system will help you get there easily.

Keypad For Easy Access
If the museum is offering a traditional audio guide system, you will see signs next to exhibits with numbers on them. You can use our keypad at these museums. Simply use the keypad function to dial the number of the exhibit and we will take you directly to that exhibit's page on Aura.

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