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For millennia, storytelling has been one of the core purposes of museums. With every leap in technology, museums have found new ways of telling the stories of their collections and enhancing their visitors' experience.

In the last decade, people have radically reshaped the way they access information. Mobile storytelling is now here and potential for museums is immense.

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Unlock the potential of unlimited storytelling

Unlock the potential of unlimited storytelling Aura removes the boundaries to how many stories you can tell. Highlight your most popular objects, cover an entire section of your museum or curate themed routes across your collections. No hardware necessary - your customers will use their own mobile device.

A new revenue stream

A new revenue stream Aura makes it easy for you to make revenue from your content. The better your content performs, the more revenue you will make. We take care of all transactions using secure payment infrastructures and process your payments periodically.

Leave the tech to us

Leave the tech to us No coding required - we are using state-of-the-art cloud technology to ensure that your content is always accessible. We are always working on adding new features to our apps to help you increase your impact, free of charge.

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Find the right audience and expand your reach

Find the right audience and expand your reach Our map-based search engine will match your content to the right audiences, and make it discoverable by people near you. Users will also have the option to "Follow" you and never miss out on your latest content.

Gain unique insights into your audiences

Gain unique insights into your audiences With Aura Analytics, you can assess the impact of your content in real-time, better understand your audience and continue growing your storytelling strategy.

Connect with storytellers from all over the world

Connect with storytellers from all over the world Aura connects you to storytellers who can help you create high-quality content for every language. You'll have complete control and access to listed content at any given time.

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